meet other food lovers and locals


Enjoy good*, exciting, local food!

*taste, sustainability, local culture


What is Eat Up – Food Walks?


Eat Up Food Walks will take you to a magic hotspot to enjoy tasty treats, created by passionate people. It’s a cross-cultural food safari in an exciting location. The best way to get to know a place!


It’s a one-day event that combines exercise, cosy atmosphere, good* food, creative spaces and culture. During the walk, you’ll meet other food lovers and invited chefs.

*taste, sustainable, local culture


Buy a ticket and you’ll get a tour map of ten different stations in the magic hotspot.  You’ll also get 10 tokens, each providing a taste sensation and the on-line Eat Up magazine to enhance your experience. We operate worldwide!

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Eat Up Food Walks in magic places and hotspots

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“We joined the latest taste adventure”

"Last weekend's Eat Up in Östersund was amazing! The food was extraordinary and the whole city was packed with Eat Up participants tasting awesome local food. I discovered two restaurants I didn't know and will definitely eat there again in the near future. Grattis Fia, Estefania and team and thanks for this wonderful event."

Barbara PetersEat Up Östersund - Participant

"Eat Up in the heart of Sweden... impossible to explain how this event connects us all. From the production of food and drinks, the passion of producers, chefs, and baristas on a level where we all can relate to our role as consumers, food lovers and humans that together thrive on an amazing experience like this one. For me...as a barista... coffee connects us all from the farmer all the way to our cup. So enjoy and Eat Up!"

Marcus Izzo - Big Lake CoffeeEat Up Östersund - Action Friend

"I discovered not only Östersund thanks to this tour but also amazing places that offered delicious food. Such a nice activity!"

Victor PontierEat Up Östersund - Host

"A Foodie event in my hometown, it doesn't get any better! To "taste the town" in the company of friends. I look forward to discovering other places through Eat Up."

Sofia KlassonEat Up Östersund - Participant

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