Eat Up Food Walks  – created by the Food In Action Company Group. We’ve been in the food event business since 1989. Our mission is to make the world happier, tastier, more creative and sustainable – while changing the food systems.

Eat Up Food Walks is best described as a daytime hybrid of Food In Action’s earlier concepts, enjoyed by thousands of people; Krogstråket at Yran, the 10 stop food safaris at Jamtli in the late 1990s, crEATive Östersund and Kultukalaset. The many Pintxo Tours in San Sebastien with Gabriella Ranelli and Tenedor Tours and successful Madamilen in Skåne – managed by Lotta Ranert and Pink Chili Consulting have also been sparks of inspiration for Eat Up Food Walks.

Eat Up – Food walk is a daytime culinary/cross-cultural experience in magic places or hotspots – want to get licensed to create an EatUp Food Walk in your community? We work worldwide. Connect with info (@)
 The CEO and founder of Food in Action is Fia Gulliksson

Brands & Concepts created/initiated by Food in Action:







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